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Saturday 07-Jun-08

Race Driver: Grid - Review

One of the most awaited racing games, Race Driver: GRID, finally hits the shelves. Now let's have a look at it.

Let's begin with the career shall we.


In the career you will be part of a racing team, at first you would need to get some money to fix your first car to be able to race for your team. So to get some money you race for other team's offers, you get an amount of money for appearing in the race and a bonus for exceeding expectations. Racing for other teams is a good way to earn some money but it won't increase your driving reputation as much as driving for your own team. After getting enough money to fix your first car to be able to race for your team, you enter racing events in three different places in the world. You have events in the USA, Europe and Japan, each territory is unique with it's own different types of tracks and racing events. In each event you earn money and reputation, the better you classify the more. Then you get to race in different events every time and you would need to buy different cars. You would after completing some of the career be able to hire a team mate to be able to rank higher in team rankings and earn even more money which is really needed to buy some cars. Also there are driving licenses in which you need to get in order to access new events.


The game's graphics are amazing. The cars are very detailed and so is the environment. The details are just brilliant. There is also the damage to the cars which is detailed as well. Every scrape and every dent you can see on the car. The walls aren't all just static, like tire walls, the tires move and scatter around if you get into it.  The game also has some great physics, if you take a curb you can feel the car bumping and bouncing especially if you use the head camera. There are also the replays which are pretty awesome especially to take some nice screenshots or a video of you crushing your opponent (be it finishing first or taking it literally). Shame really you can't save replays to share with friends.


The sound is pretty good. The car sounds are pretty good and realistic, you can hear the crashes pretty good as well and you can also hear the chassis of the car scraping the road when it gets a bit unleveled. You can also hear the crowd cheering and booing if you hit some wall.


The gameplay is very good. It's not a simulator like GTR2 but not an arcade like some Need for Speed. You can also have some assist, these include braking assist which prevents wheel locking, Stability control, and Traction control which helps control wheel spinning. The AI depends on the difficulty level but it sure is realistic. The more you increase the difficulty level it also gets more aggressive sometimes. The AI can also lose control and see him spinning in front of you but then again it's very very difficult to put him under pressure and maybe make him spin, it's next to impossible putting him out of line. There is the feature called flashback as well, if you crash into a wall not taking the last corner of the last lap so well don't worry, you can turn back time to take it well and finish the race. Very nice feature I must admit.

Game Modes:

There are a lot of nice game modes which are these:

Grip Racing:

This is normal track racing which covers the GT, Open Wheel and Touring cars. There are lot's of cars to choose from in this type of racing.


Drifting is all about getting sideways with the highest speed possible and scoring the biggest amount of points to win. Drifting is split into 4 different categories which are these:

Drift GP:

These events are based on a knockout tournament structure. All competitors are paired off, and you'll get one run in which to outscore your opponent and progress to the next round.

Drift Battle:

This combines street racing and drifting. Executing drifts will award you points according to the angle, speed and duration. In addition your position in the race will multiply the score for that drift. Drivers in first place score the most points while those at the back score least. The driver with the best score wins the race.

Freestyle Drift:

In this event each driver is given two timed runs in which to score most drift points in an open area. The driver with the most drift points after these two runs wins.

Downhill Drift:

Tackle the infamous drift route on Mount Haruna in Japan. These twisting roads are perfect for drifting.


Touge is head to head racing on narrow Japanese mountain roads. There are two distinct types of touge events.

Pro Touge:

This takes place during the day in closed public roads. You'll race two legs against each opponent, one up and one down. Contact with the other driver is strictly forbidden and you'll get a penalty for hitting him when trying to pass. The winner is the fastest over two runs.

Midnight Touge:

The structure of this event is like the Pro Touge but the rule book is thrown out of the window. Contact with cars is allowed and roads are not closed so you have to look out for civilian cars as well.


These are longer races which include the Le Mans series cars and the prestigious "24 Hours of Le Mans" There are four different classes in this race and you only need to concentrate of winning your class. This also means that yes you can do the full 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Demolition Derby:

In this type of racing there are no rules. The winner is the first across the line, by any means necessary.


Multiplayer racing is pretty good with damage online as well. You can race in ranked session or you can just make a private session to have some fun with your friends. Shame you can't turn collisions off for the time being to make some more competitive racing and get rid of the people who just get in to spoil the fun and crash into people. This should be fished in the next patch though.


Very good game and one of the best of it's kind. If you are looking for a racing game to play this surely has to be it.

Rating: 9.5/10


Head Cam
Near Chase Cam

Far Chase Cam

Bumper Cam

Bonnet Cam

Until Next Time!

Oberst Icevid


Icevid 12-Jun-08 14:24:13
The agree with BIX they take place a bit frequently but i like it like that since imo it makes it flow better and could earn better money in game game because of the le mans. Thanks for all your comments =D
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