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Wednesday 30-Jul-08

Point Of View Geforce Gtx 280 - Review

First of all thanks goes to our friends at Simark Supplies as without them this review wouldn't have been possible.

The latest addition to the Nvidia graphic card line up is here. The GeForce GTX 280 is the latest graphic card Nvidia developed which uses the GT200 GPU. Nvidia this time also decided to go with changing the series name instead of keep going up in numbers so now we have the GTX 200 series graphic cards. So let's begin.

First things first, the Specifications:


Shader Units 240
Rops 32
Transistors 1400M
Memory Size 1024Mb
Memory Bus Width 512-bit
Core Clock 602Mhz
Memory Clock 1107Mhz
Let's take a look at the package contents now:
- Geforce GTX 280
- Manual
-Drivers CD
-DVI Adapter + HDMI Adapter + TV-Out Adapter
- 2x PCI-Express Audio Cables
- SPDIF Audio Cable
Now here are some photos of the card:
Now let's move on to some benchmarks. Here are the Hardware and software used:
Computer Specifications:
Motherboard: MSI P35 Neo2-FR
CPU: Intel Q6600 @ 3Ghz
RAM: TakeMS 2gb DDR2 1066Mhz
VGA: Nvidia Geforce GTX280
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
3DMark 06
3DMark Vantage
Call of Duty 4
Call of Juarez DX10 Benchmark
PT Boats Knights of the Sea DX10 Benchmark
3DMark 06:
As many of you know 3DMark 06 is a software used to benchmark the computer's performace running a series of tests. Here is the GTX 280 result:
3DMark 06 result
Quite some good results.
3DMark Vantage:
3DMark Vantage is the new benchmarking tool in the 3DMark Family which features new tests and DX10 benchmarking. Here are the GTX 280 results:
3DMark Vantage Result
Pretty good.
Call of Duty 4:
This was testeed with the highest settings possible and here are the results:
Call of Duty 4 Results
Call of Duty 4 Screenshot
Crysis too was tested with the highest possible settings and here are the results:
Crysis Results
Crysis Screenshot
Call of Juarez DX10 benchmark:
Call of Juarez is one of the nicest DX10 benchmarks there are and so could not be missed. We set everything to the highest possible and these where the results:
Call of Juarez Results
Call of Juarez DX10 Benchmark screenshot
PT Boats Knights of the Sea DX10 Benchmark:
This too is a very nice test. We put everything on the highest settings possible once again and these where the results:
PT Boats Knight of the Sea Results
PT boats screenshot
The Verdict:
Very good results from the latest high-end graphic card from Nvidia. Very few graphic cards come close to it in what is performance which the most noticable one is the 9800GX2. So with a price tag of 460€ or a better one of 423.20€ when getting the lanthrax discount this card is a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. You can find the product page here.
 Until Next Time!
Oberführer Icevid


Tornado* 30-Jul-08 16:02:20
i must admit i dont like the card, performance wise and also how it looks
hellkilleR 30-Jul-08 16:32:47
Nice review icevid but as i expected more and very more from this card :/
Bloodlord 30-Jul-08 16:56:49
i dont know about the benchmarking, i have same specifications to the computer you used ive got:
q6600 oc at 3.5
2gig ram at 900Mhz
abit ip 35-e
and an 8800gt oc.

now having a totaly different vga i would imagine that in the benchmarking it would beat the hell out of me , but ur score is 15215 while myne is 14497, beating me by only 718, now correct me if im wrong in anything , maybe im talking sh*t but i would expect that score from a vga like that at that price.
Bloodlord 30-Jul-08 16:58:04
*i wouldnt, sorry for double post
Icevid 30-Jul-08 17:06:05
That's what everyone is saying that somewhat it's not that worth it. Altough if you put the cpu on 3.5Ghz it will surely get over 17k points
Tuner 30-Jul-08 21:10:06
The 9800gx2 (standart "not over clocked") is better that this. A waste of money!!!!!!!!!!
FALLEN 01-Aug-08 04:08:50
the looks suck!
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