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Thursday 07-Aug-08

Build Of The First Nehalem System

After Benchmarks where leaked of the Nehalem with an HD4850, MaximumPC wanted to test this themselves by making one of their hardware contacts to let them in their lab and test it out. They got the Intel Desktop version of Nehalem which is named "Bloomfield" and an Intel D58XSO "Smackover" motherboard.







The sample was a 2.93GHz Bloomfield which will be in the mid-range of the three desktop Bloomfield expected by the end of this year. The first thing you'll notice is that the new chip is actually lighter than the previous Core 2 Quad (Compared with a Q6700) although it is slightly bigger. For such a reason, previous LGA775 heat sinks will not be compatible with the new Socket LGA1366. Some manufacturers may produce a new mounting bracket to make it work with the LGA1366 although I personally doubt many companies will do that.


Comparing a Q6700 with the Bloomfield
Comparing a Q6700 with the Bloomfield
Bigger CPU comes with a Bigger Heat sink
Bigger CPU comes with a Bigger Heat sink








When testing RAM, the biggest difference was when going from Single to Dual-Channel but from Dual to Triple-Channel didn't seem to make a big impact on performance. Please note that more performance will be gained when Motherboard and RAM vendors tweak their SPDs. The test they made was with DDR3 1333MHz. Results can be different when using higher speeds like 1600MHz, 1800MHz or even higher.


LGA1366 vs LGA775
LGA1366 vs LGA775
LGA1366 vs LGA775
Individual-Channel RAM Slots.







Now, regarding SLI, it will only be available with vendors who integrate Nvidia's nForce 200 chips into the boards (like XFX and EVGA). Please note that not all X58 motherboard vendors will support SLI although recent story quoted on says that few were interested in even making the SLI Bridge. However, motherboard vendors say that it's hard adopting it.


PCI-E 2.0
Getting their hands on the Bloomfield CPU
Installing the system
Installing the system







Nehalem System installed with an HD4870
System up and running
CPU-Z Screen Shot
Task Manager










First Lieutenant Matt



Matt 07-Aug-08 22:23:21
no.there are 3versions. but i dont remember the prices. one is at ~200USD the other ~500USD and the "extreme version" 999USD
Steve Buvni Jr 07-Aug-08 22:37:46
They are cheaper x)
The Extreme edition is priced at Lm280
I this it's not that high for what you get, or not?
Steve Buvni Jr 07-Aug-08 22:38:44
Sry for the double post...
EDIT: I think
Matt 07-Aug-08 22:44:49
of course not. when i sad that it is better than QX i wasn't referring to the extreme edition but the basic
invisible 08-Aug-08 10:13:24
so u think a new CPU will cost 200USD when the Q6600 in Malta is priced @ almost 200USD -.- and as a mobo? wanna fork out some $400 in a mobo for supporting this CPU? and RAM? geez man, a new system will cost u at least $3000 = €1,977.13 = Lm848.78... and that means trying to get the cheapest parts most prolly...
Matt 08-Aug-08 14:02:19
prices will get down for sure by 1Q 09
zedocteur 10-Aug-08 19:50:22
lol useless for gaming, again and again. And now they're called i7 BTW. But anyway.
Matt 11-Aug-08 12:18:47
yes i know but they named it like that, the day after i made this article.
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