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Wednesday 22-Oct-08

Openlierox [olx] - Liero Time-line

A Little History.....

In 1998, Finnish programmer Joosa Riekkinen released a computer game written in Pascal for the DOS based on the 1995 'Worms'. He called it ''Liero', literally: "earthworm" in Finnish.
Joosa himself

The objective of the game, similar to the Worm series, was to defeat the opposing worm, however it was real-time, rather than turn-based. Both worms had to fight each other and earn score depending on their kill count (frags) and death. You could choose 5 different weapons for each round from the 40 available weapons.

The round was played in a two-dimensional map where all the terrain, except for a few rocks and the occasional boulder, may be dug or destroyed by weapons.
The original Liero

In addition to that each worm had a grappling hook used to travel quickly around the map and also latch on to other enemy worms. Bonuses such as random weapons and health packs dropped occasionally if enabled before the game started.
Liero also had 3 gameplay modes. Deathmatch, Tag and Capture the Flag. It could be played by 2 players on the same pc in split screen or single player against the game's artificial intelligence.

Infamous crash of 1999.....
In 1999 the final version of Liero was released, v1.33, and had since become very popular. However, due to a Hard Disk crash, Joosa lost the Pascal source code for Liero and due to the proprietary and closed source nature of the software no newer versions could ever be made.
Version 1.33, however, survived in the PCs of the people who played it and many of them published fan-sites to allow other people to download the game and keep the community alive.
In the meantime, enthusiasts started creating their own 'clones' of liero using a similar engine and adding features not present in the original game. All weapons and images of the worms could be replaced from the original set.
The Liero community grew even more until its downfall with the release of Microsoft's Windows 2000 and XP, which the game was not fully compatible with. It was possible to play but sound had to be disabled using the /n command line.
At the released of XP:SP2 Liero became fully incompatible, thus reducing its community even further and almost to extinction.

Clones Ahoy.....
Several Liero clones based on V1.33 were made in an effort to revive both the game and the community by introducing WinXP compatibility and newer and fun features to the game. To name a few: NiL, Gusanos, LOSP and LieroAL were all different remakes.
The most notable of the clones was LieroXtreme, an unofficial sequel to the original Liero created in C++ by Jason 'JasonB' Boettcher. It featured online play and fully customizable mods, maps and skins.
LieroX gameshot.... ouch!
The LieroX theme
Apart from new weapons and skins, WinXP compatibility and other new features it suffered from crashes which were probably the reason why JasonB stopped the LieroX development for good in February 14, 2006. The last version was 0.62b, however most players stuck to v0.56b since it did not have as many errors......
Before leaving the development, Jason released the source code of v0.55 under a zlib license.

And so it begins.....
Some time in 2006-2007, [RIP] clan leaders, Dark Charlie and Albert Zeyer used the source code to create OpenLieroX, or OLX, the most popular LieroX remake to date and the best out there.
Karel Petranek, also known as ’DarkC’
Albert Zeyer

OpenLieroX Theme [Main Menu]
This is a fully open source project meaning fans could create maps, weapon mods and skins and use them in the game.

In order to use custom mods and maps in an online multiplayer battle the author has to submit his work online so that people could download it. Recently it was made possible to download maps that you do not own straight from the particular server.
Water Dragon summon, from the Naruto2.0 Mod
The main download contains many different mods, skins and maps and thousands more are available on the community website

OLX features similar looks and gameplay mechanisms to its precursor LieroX however many things changed. Since v0.57 Beta3 the following important changes were made: (taken directly from the OLX community website)
  • -16/24/32 bit graphic support and OpenGL support
  • - new design & icon (thanks go to Raziel)
  • - full Unicode/UTF8 support (all the ěščřüëïö etc. characters)
  • - font antialasing support
  • - Worm AI improvements
  • - ninjarope physic simulation is computer independent
  • - hosting for 32 people
  • - chat commands (use /setname "My new nick" for example to change your name)
  • - safer network
  • - anti-cheat things - server-sided health, wall hack and more
  • - joystick support
  • - mouse support
  • - strafing
  • - added support for G15 keyboards
  • - faster projectile simulation
  • - added map anti-aliasing
  • - Options editable from everywhere in the game
  • - Force random weapon selection (with the extensions to have the same weapon for all players)
  • - Automatic weapon selection if only one weapon is available
  • - Notify application window on events when application is in background
  • - Auto-completion for chat commands
  • - Command button for host in game
  • - Show player online/chatting/away status
  • - Client info dialog for host
  • - fixed crashing in DBZ mod
  • - improved connecting to servers behind firewall/NAT
  • - reduced the loading time of IP to Country database a bit
  • - added support for G15 keyboards
  • - improved downloading, added mod downloading
  • - fixed a security bug in the authorise command
  • - added video post processors that change the final appearance of the screen
  • - updated joystick control
  • - recovered compatibility with Windows 98/ME
  • - faster projectile simulation
  • - fixed spawning in rock in random maps
  • - fixed duplicate joining
  • - fixed weird game behavior when kicking bot
  • - fixed crashes in the viewport manager dialog
  • - added map anti-aliasing
  • - fixed crashes in the News tab
  • - improved crash reporting tool
    The Options Menu

  • - fixed bots not shooting with beam weapons
  • - fixes in physics (wallshooting, self-shooting, flying at the top of the level)
  • - server displays only one message on multiple suicides
  • - optionally attach a console win


Today OLX has a very large community, there are always many active members on the forums, always a server to join and many clans. The game currently features 5 gameplay modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Tag, Demolitions, VIP and Capture the Flag. The game is most commonly played in internet multiplyer mode, however single player, split-screen 2-player and LAN are also possible. In online mode you are given ranks depending on your kills, deaths and suicides/teamkills.

A simple level editor

Each release comes with a simple Level Editor enabling players to make their own maps. However, for more advanced map creation (and also mods/skins), software is available for download.






HacKontest 2008

The team behind OpenLieroX have won this years (and the first) Hack Contest at the OpenExpo 2008, Zurich. The team won the award for the best open sourced hack of all. For more information visit:

The team behind OpenLieroX =]





For a higher resolution of this image, go to:





OpenLieroX screenshots:



This weapon encloses the target in small area where nothing can get out, rendering him vulnerable to all enemy attacks... Somehow I managed to apply it to myself....
Nintendogs Summon, looks nice, too bad it’ll take you with it too
When your health gets critical your player starts to bleed
The 30" ’moniter’ weapon in the Pimp my Ride mod
Finally, managed to trap someone other than myself.
Summoning monsters to kill foes for you while you...kill even more foes. They do not play favorites, sadly.
Rule#1 in Liero.
Runescape mod + 0% reloading time = disaster.
Phr33 St00f Pl0>
The ’Demon fox energy’ move heals you infinitely. It is normally banned by the host for online battles.
Again, showing that 0% reloading time is overpowered.
But fast traveling. =p
A surround attack


And that about raps up yet another article. I have given a rough description of OLX however you need to experience it personally to really see what i'm talking about.

Community website:

In case of problems with the previous links, refer to:



To finish, I have been playing around with HyperCamv2 lately and actually managed to whip up 2 films of OLX gameplay. Have Fun ;)

1 - Weapons Test - Showing various weapons from different mods.

2 - Mortar Battle - A mortar battle is a popular multiplayer fight in OLX limited only to the 'Mortar Launcher' weapon in the 'Modern Warfare' mod. It is most commonly played in the 'Castle strike' map.


Hope you enjoyed that.
Until next time,

Sergeant Leero Applewuss


eraser 23-Oct-08 01:02:41
wow lol cool article i tink i played this once haha cool ^.^
Biogod Entity 23-Oct-08 15:01:45
The website has some problems apparently =/
KrazyKain 23-Oct-08 20:50:12
so i noticed, i finally decide to redownload the game and i cant...
Biogod Entity 23-Oct-08 21:14:31
This is clearly the devil's work!
Ruki 23-Apr-09 18:22:00
Very nice article about this game. I've been actively following to the development since end of 2003 and playing it ever since (with some breaks).

There is something I would like to fix in this article.

"Some time in 2006-2007, [RIP] clan leaders, Dark Charlie and Albert Zeyer used the source code to create OpenLieroX, or OLX, the most popular LieroX remake to date and the best out there."

Here is an update with little more information: During Summer of 2006 Dark Charlie first edited the source code to create a patch which would fix several security holes in JasonB's original Liero Extreme code. Some "hacker" posted how to exploit the holes in game and crash servers or gain unlimited ammount of health on community forums. Dark Charlie fixed that with a patch in Summer of 2006, that was called LieroX Guardian. He decided to make some improvements to the LieroX and he developed LieroX Pro, where he added some features which were more developed later in OpenLieroX. Later other coders has joined him (Albert, Pelya, Griffin, Steel Side and perhaps somebody more) and what is now known as OpenLieroX project was born. Neither Albert or Dark Charlie are leaders of [RIP] clan, but they are all members of it, as well as Pelya. Leader of the clan is me, Ruki, since 2004 Dark Charlie is one of the first members from the beginning of the clan in 2004, Albert and Pelya have joined much later, in 2007 and 2008.
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