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Thursday 01-Oct-09

Point Of View Gts250

This review continues with the PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 reviewed here.

We all heard about Point Of View video cards and how well they perform and at a relatively cheap price. They have been making Nvidia graphics cards for the past 9 years now and although they may not be on the top list comparing with EVGA and BFG and XFX, they still do the job at a much cheaper price, and performance may not even be noticeable. It compares well with Sparkle and maybe even Zotac. To introduce the GTS250, it is a revised version of the 9800GTX+ which has the same default clocks and same GPU architecture. The difference is in the power consumption. You can even SLI (or 3-SLI) a GTS250 with a 9800GTX+ ! 


Here are its Specifications:

Graphics Engine: Geforce GTS250
Video Memory: 1024MB GDDR3
Engine Clock: 738 MHz
Memory Clock: 1100 MHz (2200 MHz effective)
Memory Interface: 256 Bit
DirectX Support: 10.1
Bus Standard: PCI-E 2.0
HDMI Support: Yes, on board
HDCP Support: Yes


What's in the Package:

  • Point Of View GeForce GTS250
  • Quick Installation Manual
  • Driver and Utilities CD
  • SPDIF Reference Guide
  • Point Of View Advertisement Flayer
  • SPDIF cable
  • Molex to 6-Pin PCI-E cable


Closer look at the card:

Like the PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 it does not come with a reference heatsink design although at least this one has a much bigger heatsink and memory heatsinks to extend overclocking headroom. Like the HD4850, it has an HDMI port, a DVI port and a VGA port at the back. There are no vents to exahaust hot air therefore the heat will be spread inside your case. The back Metal Plate is sort of a Dark Silver which is a nice touch especially if the back of the case is black! This card requires only one 6-Pin PCI-E like the HD4850 and yes, it requires a 450W PSU too.











 The Test System used:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.0GHz
  • TakeMS 3GB DDR2 1066MHz
  • Maxtor 80GB SATA Hard Disk
  • Point Of View Nvidia GeForce GTS250
  • Xilence 800w Modular PSU
  • POV 22" 1680x1050


Software used:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32Bit
  • 3D Mark 06
  • 3D Mark Vantage
  • Crysis
  • Crysis Warhead
  • FarCry 2
  • Call Of Juarez


3D Mark 06:






 3D Mark Vantage:














Crysis Warhead:







FarCry 2:







Call of Juarez:














Price VS Performance:

We calculated ALL the FPS and 3D Mark scores and did some math to outcome the Price VS Performance.








The results are pretty impressive considering the price of this card. The HD4850 is still a better deal though, especially if you are using a small resolution. A 1920x1080 would have been better to show this card's real performance.



+ Price (€139.75 or €128.57 with the LANThrax Discount)

+ Great performance

+ Non-Reference Heatsink

+ Cool temperatures

+ Very quiet even at 100% fan speed

+ No need for VGA to DVI or DVI to HDMI adapters

+ Support for SLI and 3-SLI

+ Dual slot cooling

+ Packaging



- Not a new card (Revised version of the 9800GTX+)

- Dual slot cooling

- No vents at the back to exahaust hot air

- Not the best result in the Price VS Performance


Rating: 88%


I would like to thank Simark for providing the graphics cards and the test system to make this review possible.


(Pictures taken with a Canon 450D) 

Matt (Matthew Galea)


Suldat 01-Oct-09 00:19:48
very detailed review!! thanks alot gd work!
T3mfom3T 01-Oct-09 01:32:36
I got this card, not the best I must say. I had the 9800GTX and it performed better than the GTS250. Well I m stuck with it until the next upgrade. Great review.
eraser 01-Oct-09 02:16:12
great review u could have thrown in the results of the PowerColor HD4850 as well to comapre it, as in the sub title of the article it says versus :p good job anyways
DriftKing 01-Oct-09 08:30:46
this is one hell of any ugly video card xD. Anyway, great review =)
belpois 01-Oct-09 16:00:38
Nice one Matt, On thing that I really hate is that the dual expansion blank has no air ventilation holes.
Rule 04-Oct-09 13:08:06
got one
Bobby 04-Oct-09 20:43:34
Yeah, the PCI blank should have had some ventilation.. but that cooler, even though it's not an exhaust one, looks quite good, assuming it's full copper, and not sprayed aluminium. Some heatsinks are sprayed to have a copper look, dunno if this is one of them..
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