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Tuesday 15-Dec-09

Logitech G15 V2 Keyboard Review

The box

The front of the box.
The back of the box.

The box in which the G15 comes is pretty much simple. A huge picture of the keyboard can be seen on the front together with the Logitech logo on the top, G15 written on the bottom and features listed on the right hand side of the box. Turning the box upside down will reveal more information on the keyboard features, this time in more than one language.

The keyboard together with the box and manuals.
Important information, quick start guide, installation disk
Opening the box you will first find the wrist stand neatly placed in a plastic bag and you will also find the manual, quick start guide and driver CD in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Further down into the box, you will find the actual keyboard in a protective plastic bag. Getting the keyboard out of the plastic bag revealed more protective plastic stuck onto the screen, G15 logo and the LED icons showing CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK and SCROLL LOCK status.





The G keys


-Six G keys with three different modes which makes (6x3=18) 18 G keys in total.
-LCD screen which can display just about anything.
-Backlit keys with orange colour.
-Disable Windows' keys.
-2 USB 1.1 ports at back.
-3 different light intensities.
-Media controls.




First Impression

My first impression after getting the keyboard out of the plastic bag was quite positive indeed. The new design made the keyboard less bulky and sleeker. The shiny control panel and LCD are just fantastic and the mixture of gray and black were also nice to see. It is also good to note that I expected the LCD display to be a bit bigger.


The keyboard.
The G15 logo lights up when the backlight is on.







Connecting to the PC and booting up

The keyboard gave me problems from boot up since it was not being recognized by the bios. Searching on the internet, I found that the Logitech G15 keyboard had some issues with being used with the bios. Having been used to normal PS/2 keyboard which didn't need any adjustments and replacements in order to be used in the bios is pretty frustrating... so if you don't own a PS/2 keyboard and you're gonna buy this keyboard, make sure you buy a spare PS/2 keyboard since you'll have trouble within the bios.

This shows before the software is installed from the disk.



Although after enabling USB legacy support within the bios, the keyboard was being recognized by the bios. This although did not solve the problem of being unable to navigate within the bios, which is pretty frustrating as I have dual boot, and not being able to navigate between the operating systems is pretty bad.




The G15 logo.
After booting up and entering Windows, the LCD lights up showing G15 written on it. This remained on the LCD till the drivers were installed from the disk. Note that Windows will install drivers automatically although you will not be able to use the LCD with just the default Windows drivers installed. You need to insert the disk and install the drivers that come with the disk.
Installation is pretty easy and straight forward. After installing the drivers, you will need to configure the function keys and the progrms that display on the LCD. Having never owned A G15 before or used such software, configuring the settings to my likings proved difficult at first. But thanks to the very user friendly GUI, I was able to manage the settings after spending some time thinkering with the settings.



The Software

The software is pretty straight forward at first. You will get a picture of the keyboard together with the same layout of function keys you have on the keyboard. You can also choose and create different profiles for different games and applications. Also note that you can import or export such profiles.



RSS feeds directly onto your keyboard.
Assigning shortcuts and macros is pretty easy and straight forward although when coming to assigning scripts, that another matter.
Moving on to the LCD manager, here you can set rotation speed between different panels of the LCD or you can turn it off altogether. You can also configure the applications that can be displayed on the LCD. Logitech supplies preety useful default applications such as a System monitor, a clock, currently playing media and with the new update, you can also get POP3 mail and RSS feeds on your LCD panel.
If the default apps are not enough, you can always download more 3rd party apps and place them into the apps folder.


Media information display when playing a song.
Date, time together with email support.


The G15 logo imprinted on the keyboard.
The keys on this keyboard feel very soft and of quality. The plastic background also is of good biuld quality is it feels pretty comfortable.
The backlighting is very easy on the eyes and the keys can still be recognized even in pitch darkness. Since you have the ability to set the brightness of the backlight, you can turn off the light during the day and switch on the lights during the night. When the backlight is turned off, the LCD's backlight will also turn off making it practically impossible to see what's going on, although moving between apps in the LCD will make the baclight of the LCD ONLY to light up again.

The LCD together with the media buttons.



The keys are big enough for my hand and typing is fairly easy although since I used a bigger keyboard with more spaced out keys, I consitantly mistype letters though I'm sure that will change after some time using the keyboard. I also have a tendancy to keep hitting the G keys by mistake instead of pressing the shift or ctrl key.



The G15 logo together with the Logitech logo.
Although this keyboard is of a very good build and quality, I cannot not state what I really don't like about this keyboard. Its the mute key, the backlight adjustment key and the kek to turn off the Windows' keys. The keys feel like they are going to break or come off when you touch them. This is really not pleasing and make the keys feel very cheap and not well made.

However, the other keys have a very good grip and as I said earlier, typing is very comfortable.



The USBs

Well, the USBs are what you expect from a 1.1 USB. They do not have enough power to charge your iPod or to power up your external Hard Drive and they are a bit slower than the USB 2.0 although you can still connect a pen drive to edit a document or attach your mouse instead of attaching it to the tower, saving you a USB slot.

Final thoughts

It performs that same as the older G15 keyboard and is a bit smaller but nevertheless still big enough. The LCD screen is also a bit smaller though it still can display quite a number of information.

RSS feeds can be displayed and even launched on the browser from the keyboard itself.
This button can disable or enable the Windows’ keys.


This is a very well designed keyboard and is very easy and comfortable on the hands. The LCD feature is still one of the main selling point of this keyboard. Gaming on this keyboard should be pleasing enough. Although this is marked as a gaming keyboard, it can also be used for simple word processing and web browsing as the LCD can be used for many thing apart from showing your stats on WOW or your ammo in counter strike.

I highly recommend this keyboard for those of you who want to upgrade to a better keyboard although if you're buying a keyboard for the first time, you might want to consider buying a spare PS/2 keyboard if you don't have one lying around.

Features 8/10
Configuration 7/10
Ergonomics 8/10
Lighting 10/10
Practicality 10/10

Final score: 8.6/10


Oberführer Driftking



Squadron* 16-Dec-09 18:09:55
g15 ftw
DriftKing 16-Dec-09 18:34:31
"Is there any similar keyboard without the G-Keys? I hate hitting them when looking for the CTRL or Shift keys (got your same problems)."
Unfortunately no, since all "gaming" keyboard come equipped with macro keys. You can always turn the "g" keys off if you want, just like I sometimes do.

"nice nice review ... got one and it is absolutely amazing. amiltu naqa tard ir review imma nsomma "
Anzi, its the perfect timing since scan's got it on sale and there may be loads of people who are considering this keyboard for christmas
DriftKing 16-Dec-09 18:37:09
forfot to mention, searching "g15 v2 keyboard review" will give a link to this review on the first page among other reviews =D
Osprey 17-Dec-09 08:45:43
"forfot to mention, searching "g15 v2 keyboard review" will give a link to this review on the first page among other reviews =D"

At first I thought that that's because Google search gives preferences to sites in your area, but then I made the same search on a remote server in the uk (using and got the same results! Good job! Would you consider becoming a permanent news writer? You won't have to wait for your articles to be approved.
DriftKing 17-Dec-09 20:13:00
sure thing Osprey. I would love to
zedocteur 19-Dec-09 09:06:21
I find the keyboard not much value for money since it brings nothing new to the market at that price point. Good review nevertheless.
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