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Tuesday 08-Jul-08

Stickman Warfare (free Online Fps, With Stickmen!)

oh shi......
And on the next episode of Stargate, SG1 will visit STICKWORLD!
Stickman Warfare is a free online FPS made by 1 man (hungarian if you are wondering) entirely in (wait for this)  PASCAL!

The idea was to make an MMOFPS with thousands of stickmen battling on the huge island. While there are usually no more then ~15 players on at any one time its still pretty fun.

 The stickmen are split into 2 teams:


Tech is a team of futuristic stickmen, their guns include lasers, plasma based weapons and a lightsaber (the lightsaber also includes stealth!). They also have a hovershuttle as their vehicle

Gun is a team of modern day stickmen who use assault rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas and flamethrowers (for those pesky lightsaber wielders, the flamethrower guy also has thermal vision). They have a hummer as their vehicle


This will have to do as a posed photo as a second attempt could not be taken.. the stickmen killed each other soon after this was taken...
*breath in* *breath out* Luke *breath in* I am your father *breath out*

Now keep in mind this is a very simple game and the graphics and sound effects are nothing special. But it IS a fun game (and small download)

And for your viewing pleasure...  








Download the game from this site.


Major Krazykain





HellHound 09-Jul-08 20:29:19
quoted from the bottom of the page:
Possible multiplayer issues

It is only playable through the internet, and only when the server is online.
Server uptime: 13-20 GMT weekdays and 8-21 GMT weekends
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